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Progetti finanziati

Assessing and supporting the application of the Degree of Urbanisation in the Global South (DERUGBA)

The project is about to (1) assess the uncertainty in the Degree of Urbanisation outputs produced using different input gridded population and settlement datasets, (2) evaluate how such uncertainty propagates when different outputs are used for producing demographic and socio-economic indicators/targets disaggregated by Degree of Urbanisation, (3) actively engaging with, and eventually supporting, countries in the application and use of the Degree of Urbanisation, and (4) making the knowledge and datasets produced in its framework freely and publicly available online. In terms of deliverable the project is expected to produce (1) multiple Degree of Urbanisation-based raster and vector datasets, (2) a number of publications including peer-reviewed scientific articles, methodological white papers, and a policy report, and (3) an online ortal/dashboard for data visualisation and dissemination/download.

  • Responsabili: Alessandro Sorichetta
  • Organizzatore principale: Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra Ardito Desio
  • Ente finanziatore: EUROPEAN COMMISSION
  • Tipologia: DGRUP - Programmi della DG Regional and Urban Policy (REGIO)
  • Anno di inizio: 2023
  • Durata in mesi: 24 mesi
  • Stato: Aperto