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Erasmus programme


  • The Erasmus+ programme provides students with the opportunity to apply for both Erasmus study grants and special Erasmus Traineeship scholarships, for a maximum of 12 months for each higher education cycle (Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PhD). Students can thus benefit from more than one Erasmus scholarship over the course of their life, which was not the case in the past. Moreover, they can take advantage of the Erasmus Traineeship scholarship even after completing their Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD.
  • Students in receipt of an Erasmus scholarship must agree on their study programme abroad (courses and exams, research, internship) with the instructors of their degree programme, so that all training activities carried out during their stay can be recognised. The learning agreement must be submitted before the start of the period abroad; amendments are possible, but should in any case be agreed well in advance. At the end of the experience abroad, students have to submit an application for transfer credits so that the Student Office of the Faculty of Science and Technology can register the recognised activities on their academic record.


Contact person

Erasmus+ activities for the Department of Earth Sciences are coordinated by 

Erasmus+ activities for the Department of Earth Sciences are coordinated by Prof. Marilena Moroni

Useful information on the University website

The University website include useful information for:

  • students who want to spend a period abroad
  • students who want to study at the University of Milan