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The Council is the body that directs, plans, coordinates and verifies the activities of the Department. To this end, it exercises all the powers conferred on it by the Statute and Regulations of the University of Milan.


In the framework of its institutional goals and in compliance with the University regulations, the Council:

  • writes the Department’s regulations and the planning and steering documents regarding the activities to be implemented in the following year or three years;
  • issues proposals on how to use the Department’s budget, and takes decisions on the allocation of funds and the related reporting activities;
  • oversees the technical and administrative services of the Department;
  • determines the number of professors, researchers and technical-administrative staff needed for the Department’s activities;
  • organises and coordinates teaching activities to ensure that all courses are covered, and proposes the institution of new programmes, as well as any changes or updates in the current educational offerings;
  • issues proposals regarding potential agreements to be signed with public administrations and public and private entities, as well as contracts for the provision of services to third parties, in compliance with the resolutions of the Board of Directors;
  • steers and coordinates the Department’s research activities by establishing criteria for the use of funds, facilities and equipment, and by evaluating and approving research projects and requests for funding.

Teaching staff

All professors, researchers and fixed-term research fellows of the Department sit on the Council.

Technical-administrative staff:

The Council includes:

  • the Administrative Director and an EP staff member;
  • technical-administrative staff representatives, appointed in compliance with the Department’s regulations 

Student representatives

The Council includes a representation of students enrolled in the Bachelor’s, Master’s or single-cycle degree programmes of the Department of Earth Sciences.

  • Andreoni Martina
  • Schiappa Desire'
  • Tringale Miriam 

Postdoctoral fellow representatives

  • Randazzo Vincenzo
  • Regorda Alessandro 

PhD student representatives

  • Bettoni Chiara
  • Mosconi Angelica