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Quality Assurance

The Department QA system

The A. Desio Department of Earth Sciences pursues quality by planning, managing, self-assessing and continuously improving its educational offerings and its research and third-mission activities.

The Department Quality Assurance system is governed by the Department’s Regulations, which provide for a Department Independent Evaluation Unit, chaired by the Department QA delegate, a Laboratory and Facility Unit, and ad-hoc commissions.

The Department QA delegate is Prof. Michele Zucali ( He is in charge of the internal quality system and ensures that the quality policy of the University, as outlined by the Quality Assurance Board, is implemented by the Department. The Department QA delegate liaises with and supports the QA Board in supervision and monitoring activities as well as data collection within the Department.  

The QA delegate works in close contact with the Head of Department, the Department Independent Evaluation Unit and the commissions dedicated to research and third mission.

schema AQ

The departmental governance for Quality Assurance was integrated in the project “Geosciences for Society” (MIUR project “Departments of Excellence 2018-2022”), in keeping with existing QA procedures. An Advisory Board supervises and assesses project development, liaising with the Department Independent Evaluation Unit, the Management Board and the Steering Committee of the project.

Department QA delegate

Michele Zucali
QA delegate for the Department